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          Notice of initiation of the project

          In the program area "Local and regional initiatives to reduce national inequalities and promote social inclusion" has approved our school project called "Romany culture as a tool for inclusion" through the Office of the Government, through the EEA Grants and Norway.

          Period: October 2014 - April 2016

          Project Objective: The objective is to incorporate various blocks subject of Romany culture into the school curriculum, thereby strengthening social inclusion through intercultural education, Romani language and culture. Awareness raising activities strengthen social inclusion through collaboration between the school, families and the public. Encourage a proactive approach to the possibility of influencing the position of Roma pupils and enhance their active participation in change.

          Summary: The project responds to the demands of changes in access to education and training of students from disadvantaged backgrounds and contribute to their integration into education and society in the light of traditions and ancestral customs. It focuses on individual development, awareness of identity, to eliminate social inequalities and prejudices. The project will create space for mutual understanding of Roma and non-Roma in the village and intercultural communication. Creating a group of "young Roma leaders", their regular interactions within subgroups of educational, journalistic and cultural activities and involvement in the project will be co-create these pupils and actively approaching Romany culture parents and other villagers. Non-formal education, in addition to attending school pupils and teachers of the school.


          Project activities:

          1. Incorporating the subject of Romany culture into the school curriculum for II. degree and 

              teaching material for teaching the subject at the primary.

          1a: Keeping interest groups "Roma Realia"

          2. Promoting active access of Roma pupils.

          2a: Creating a pupil's self

          2b: Creating the "young Roma leaders" actively working in journalism, educational and

                cultural group.

          2c: Summer concentration of Young Roma leaders

          2d: Visit the Museum of Roma Culture in Brno, Czech Republic.

          2e: Visit the Museum of Roma Culture in Martin, Slovakia.

          3. Awareness raising.

          3a: Cultural event for Roma and non-Roma "Roma Day"

          3b: Informal meeting "Children teach parents".


          3c: Information seminars to project activities.   

          3d: Informing the project and project activities on the school website.


          Information about donor: Financial Mechanism of the European Economic Area and Norwegian Financial Mechanism represent contributions contributor countries, ie Norway, Iceland and Liechtenstein several Member States of the European Union. Contributions are divided among nine programs are administered by the Office of the Government.


                                                                                Mgr. Priščáková Gabriela, Project Coordinator

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